Monday, 21 October 2013

Hikari @ Jaya Grocer, Empire Shopping Gallery

Last Friday, I went to Empire Shopping Gallery to pick up my clothing that I purchased online from Tanksfor5. My mum drove me there because she wasn't confident with me driving alone..... for about 3km.

After I collected my goods, I went to Jaya Grocer to meet up with my mum who was doing her grocery shopping. It was about 4.45pm at that time and my stomach was starting to hold a concert. Thus, I decided to have my early dinner cum late lunch at Hikari, this little Japanese restaurant inside Jaya Grocer while waiting for my mum to complete her grocery shopping. 

Tucked in one of the corner of Jaya Grocer, along with Hanks and Fresco, Hikari is a Japanese restaurant, with the el fresco dining concept. 
The simple dining area of Hikari is awkwardly placed in the middle of one of the isle of Jaya Grocer.  The management was kind enough to set up some divider in order for their customers to dine in with peace :) 

Unlike most Japanese restaurants, Hikari practices self service where customers has to order and make their payment at the counter.
Upon ordering and making my payment, the waiter handed me a number plate so that he could deliver my order efficiently
 Green Tea is FOC :) and refillable too! You can just grab a cup and fill it up yourself at the counter where they place their cutleries and condiments.
 Tasted a little bland as the just was almost empty. Disadvantages of dining out at odd hours
 Ebi Tenpura Don RM13.90
Hot and fluffy japanese rice topped with egg, caramelized onions, deep fried battered shrimps and a huge dollop of ebiko

 I took a bite off the ebi tenpura. And I instantly fell in love with it. The shrimp was so flavourful, tender and succulent! The exterior was really crispy, despite being soak in some soup to give it extra flavours
 Miso Soup (Comes with meal)
The miso soup is served with a few slices of raddish, carrots and some wakame (seaweed). The soup was not hot, and quite bland in taste. I guess I was served leftover from the lunch crowd thanks to my odd-hour hunger pangs :x

My mum took away these dishes for my brother and dad whom do not suffer from odd-hour hunger pangs

 Chicken Katsu Don RM12.90
Japanese rice topped with egg, caramelized onions, deep fried battered chicken and seaweed
Like the ebi tenpura, the chicken katsu was awesome. The chicken managed to retain its crisps on the outside, and tenderness inside despite being soaked in soup.
Chicken Katsu Udon
Udon topped with chicken katsu, generous amount of mushroom and spring onions in a shoyu broth.
The udon was bouncy, and the mushroom was really tender and juicy too
The shoyu broth, however was a tad salty.
Overall, it was a great dining experience, despite some misses in the udon. However, the service was really pleasant, the waiters were attentive and friendly- Definitely a plus point.

Fresh Sushi are available at the counter for those on the go too =) 

Oh you can actually purchase a fresh salmon/beef (wagyu/kobe?) from Jaya Grocer and request the chef at Hikari to cook it for you with a small additional fee :D interesting, right?

Hikari Teppanyaki Robatayaki
Lot LG-01 Lower Ground Floor,
Empire Gallery Shopping Centre,
SS16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Business Hours: 10am-10pm
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