Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Dragon-i 龙的传人, Setia City Mall

Dragon-i, one of the most famous Chinese restaurant in the world! Dragon-i has always been my family's favourite place to satisfy our "deluxe" Chinese food cravings. 

After #Churpout2013, my dad decided to take Pei Qi and my family here for lunch 
The modern-oriental interior, with red lanterns hanging around really gives the restaurant
There's even Terra Cotta Armies statue
Their Menu!
Dragon-i serves an array of Shanghai cuisine to cater each and every one's taste bud. From La Mein, to rice and also sweet desserts for the sweet tooth
 Steamed Peanuts (RM2) was served upon seating. A typical appetizer in Chinese restaurants.
The steamed peanuts were soft and tender, yet not overly mushy. Simple yet delightful

 Pickled Japanese Cucumber 凉拌日本青瓜 RM10
Presentation wise, this dish did not make a good first impression. It looked as if the cucumbers are going to tumble down. The taste of this dish was quite weird too. It taste like as if it wasn't marinated nor pickled at all. Tasted like normal raw cucumber.
 Shredded Pork La Mien with Mustard Green 雪菜肉丝拉面 RM15
Dragon-i has an open-kitchen concept, where you can see the chef in action, pulling and kneading the la mien. The texture of the noodle was really Q, and the helpful waiter cut the noddles into shorter strands before serving it to us. The clear soup base was really flavourful, with a hint of mustard green taste. Love it (Y)
 Fried Black Pepper Beef Knife Cut Noodle黑椒炒刀削面 RM18
Knife cut noodles fried in black sauce, topped with sliced beef, onions, peppers and dried chili
The texture of the knife cut noodle was really chewy and Q, each bite was tempting me to go back for more. However, I find this dish a little too spicy and oily. It'd be better if they could cut down the amount of dried chili used haha.
Fried Rice with french bean shrimp and fish RM18
The fried rice was hot and fluffy. HOWEVER, the fried rice was quite tasteless and mediocre in taste. I had to eat it with their chili paste because it was really tasteless =( I was really disappointed as fried rice has always been my favourite dish in Dragon-i
 Shanghai Steamed Dumplings 上海小笼包 RM10.30 for a basket (4 pieces)
Dragon-i's signature dish. Nothing could go wrong, right?
Each dumpling was crafted meticulously to ensure there is no leakage.
The meat was tender and flavourful, and the dumpling skin was smooth and of a thickness that is just nice, however,I find the soup inside the dumpling a little too sweet :S
Overall, I was quite disappointed with the food served at this branch :/ I've tried much better dishes in their other branch (Sunway Puramid, Mid Valley). Hope that they really improve and brush up their dishes!

Other than that, the service was really good. Waiters was attentive, refilled our tea and water when our cups are empty.

Dragon-i 龙的传人
Unit # UG-18, Setia City Mall,
No. 7, Persiaran Setia Dagang,
Bandar Setia Alam, Seksyen U 13,
40170 Shah Alam,
Business Hours:

Tel : +603 3358 7988
Fax : +603 3358 7898
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