Sunday, 20 October 2013


Churpout2013, One of the most anticipated street fair in 2013, was held at Setia City Mall on the 19th of October
This time, I went with Pei Qi, my Qi Kongsi partner :B

Registration Booth. Pei Qi and I pre-registered at their webpage so we just need to show them our QR code, let them scan
Get a chop on our hand (like a prisoner hahah)
Then proceed to collect our goody bag :D


Preloved Clothes at some random booth going as low as RM5! :)

Cheesie's and Fourfeetnine's booth
With the cute and petite Fourfeetnine! She's so friendly and sweet! She's actually wearing a pair of platform sneakers but the height difference is still evident heh =p
Pei Qi bought a white long sleeved top from her for only RM20 :D

With the crew of Churpout2013! We received a Churpout2013 badge after following them on insta (truth to be told, I wasn't following them as I had no data at that time LOL =p)

Pei Qi with her cool shades her friend asked her to buy
Ace Cheers performing...amidst those colourful doof beanbag which I wanted to drag it home so badly
Grafiti Umbrella :D They were trying to spell out "Hunger Games". Everyone was welcomed to participated but as usual, Pei Qi and I were too immersed in shopping we didn't bothered to try it out hahaha #regrets

Pineapple bowling with....a coconut

And the most anticipated REVERSE BUNGEEEEEEE

Pei Qi: Jia Qi, you wanna play?
Jia Qi: YES YES OF COURSE! But now very panas worr..
Pei Qi: Yalor. Let's go shopping first!
Jia Qi: Ya, Ya...later people steal our clothes! 

...well...we didn't get to play it in the end LOL. Too many people were lining up waiting for their turn. And it was seriously really panas LOL #Regrets2
How kind of the organizer and sponsor to put a bottle of Honey Green Tea in our goody bag :) So refreshing and cooling on that sweltering hot day!
Photobooth! Yay for free photos! #cheapskate
Vouchers inside the goodie bag! Received lots of rebate vouchers for blogshops, a Big Mac voucher, a cute line fan, Mamee Monster, a Hot Cup and a Honey Lemon Tea =) Throughout the whole event, I was staring at the passer-by, while sweating profusely,  that were holding a line fan with green eyes only to find out it was actually inside out goody bag LOL
#OOTD AHAHAHAHA. Wore my leather skirt I bought online for the first time from tanksforfive  . I couldn't resist shopping online because I found a RM45 for RM100 cash voucher on Groupon for tanksforfive :X
 Just us being vain :P Oh well you can only be vain when you're out with your closest girlfriends lol~

My haul of the day: A black and white tribal top (RM5), A beige chiffon long skirt (RM5) from Jessica Chaw, A black bishop dress (RM10) from Peep Boutique and a cropped knit jumper from Jessica Chaw (RM15). Yeaaaah 4 piece of clothing for only RM35 ;)

I always thought that it is pretty cool to have a blogpost with edited and filtered pictures =p

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