Wednesday, 2 October 2013

CAFFA 2013, Publika

The long awaited CAFFA 2013 is finally here! I have been looking forward to this event for so long already!
 Held in the Food Haven of Kuala Lumpur, Publika!
 I am blessed to have such a sporting dad who agreed to drive all the way to Publika to attend this event with me =)
 First stop, Departure Lounge

Long Black
This was a little diluted
ILLY! My dad & I favourite coffee =D

Dark Roast Cappuccino- This was REALLY STRONG me likey =)

Coffee Machine for sale. WAIT, is that coffee machine made out of gold?

CAFFA also has exhibitors selling syrup for mojito and flavoured latte!
Lavazza Coffee!
I love it. Just the right consistency and smooth body and the strength of the coffee is just nice for my liking =)
My dad requested a cup of coffee + rose syrup. It actually tasted not bad!

Espresso Lab! 
 We were served a cup of americano...simply divine.
Coffee Stain by Joseph!
 Soy Milk! Every time we walked past their booth they'd give us a free pack of soy milk lol!
 The exhibition spanned out to the outdoor area! But by the time we reached the outdoor exhibitions we were already severly dehydrated from all the coffee we drank lol!
 Graffiti Demo!
Good Friends Cafe booth!
Look at all these petite food! I was instantly attracted to it!
You can choose any 5 for RM10. And the gluttony side of me prevailed ...
Clockwise, from top left: Mini Pasta Carbonara, Mini Club Sandwich, Tuna on Cracker, Salmon on Charcoal Toast & Chocolate Brownie!
The mini pasta carbonara was cooked till el-dente, and was really flavourful,topped with generous chunks of salmon. Mini Club Sandwich was simple, yet satisfying.  The Salmon on Charcoal Toast could have been better if it's bigger =p. And the most memorable miniature dish- Chocolate brownies. Moist & fluffy, it gives-a melt-in-the-mouth sensation as I savour a bite. It was topped with nutella & walnut which makes it even irresistable and tantalizing to the taste buds
Posing around with some random masterpiece
There was also an Art Bazaar going on (FUYOH Art Bazaar) with lovely knick-knacks on sale =)

After the event I got so severely dehydrated from drinking too much coffee I got a slight headache =P
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