Thursday, 3 October 2013

Ben's General Food Store, Publika, Solaris Dutamas

After hanging around CAFFA , we decided to go for lunch. I wanted to try out The Red Bean Bag which has received numerous praises over the net but..the waiting list was 30 minutes....

So we went to BIG Independent Store hoping to have S.Wine for lunch BUT the condition is no good either, 45 minutes. So we decided to settle our lunch at Ben's General Food Store.
The Big B!

 Ben's General Food Store, a Deli cum Restaurant that serves a huge range of food, from Deli Food such as sandwiches and pies, to Pizza and Steaks

Their Menu!
Various condiments on the table. Look at the bottle of Olive!There's Olive Leaf inside the bottle, to preserve & further enhance the taste of the olive oil (as well as a deco =p)

The Deli Food was placed on display at the counter. Let the pictures roll!
Pies and Quiche

 The Salad Bar !

 Dessert Corner! Looks sooo tempting!
My dad joked that Ben's General Food Store is more like a Western, High-Class economy rice LOL

Pollo ananas pizza, RM23.90
Chicken, Pineapples, garlic topped with Mozarella cheese on a tomato base pizza !
This is one of the best pizza I've ever tasted! Unlike most of the pizzas out there with rubbery chicken texture, the chicken was staggeringly soft, succulent and tender. The garlic was cooked until tender, bringing out the fullest taste of the pizza taste, without being pungent at all. The crust was really thin and crunchy, jsut the way I like it. And the pineapple was really sweet and . This whole pizza is a masterpiece on its own. Just writing this blog post makes me craving for it =( Someone bring me to Publika! Or Bangsar Village II please!

Tabbouleh Salad
A Middle Eastern salad made out of chickpeas, tomatoes, japanese cucumber and seasoned with parsley and mint
My dad joked that the reason why he picked this salad is because of it's cute name that sounds like "TAK BOLEH SALAD" LOL! I didn't really fancy this salad as I find the parsley taste too overpowering but my dad loved it a lot.  
 Roasted Pumpkin RM10.90
"What...the skin is still attached to it?"...Little did I know, the skin was actually edible! And it was the best part of the dish! Slightly crispy,with an aromatic smokey taste. I am so craving for the charred skin right now.
 The pumpkin flesh was really soft & fluffy! The texture reminds me of sweet potato, but it is softer and sweeter! There were also a hint of balsamic vinegar to give this dish an extra punch, along with the aromatic fire wood taste =)
Probably one of the best pumpkin dishes I had ever tasted!
 Beef Lasagna RM23.90
 We take away this for my brother who decided to stay home and snooze. My kind brother let me have a try and I must say, it was REALLY GOOD. The amount of meat in the lasagne was just...ALOT. Each bite boost a memorable taste, tinkling your taste buds for more. The amount of cheese was just nice, not too cloying and goes very well with the delightful bolognese sauce.The lasagna comes with a side of salad of your choice. I can't remember what salad was this nor bother to try it as the lasagna was too good and distracting =p

Even though I didn't get to try out the Red Bean Bag, I was really satisfied to be able to dine in at Ben's General Food Store =) Thanks again dad for the lovely Sunday!

@ Ben’s Independent Grocer,
UG1 – 1A, Level UG1,
Publika, Solaris Dutamas.
Operation Hours: 9am to 10pm daily

Contact No. : +603 6209 1700
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