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Bad Dinning Experience @ Nutmeg, Bangsar Village

It started off on a fine Saturday morning, Guan Ren and I went clubbing around Pusat Bandar Damansara.

Yes, clubbing. Clubbing at Help University College, Toastmasters' Style =)
The night before, I did my homework. Apparently Help University College is very near to Bangsar. You can even walk to Bangsar Shopping Centre from there! So straight after the meeting, we took a bus (Rapid KL T235) to Bangsar Telawi area.

We woke up at 7am on that Saturday morning, waited and cramped our way into the RapidKL bus under the hot sweltering sun, hopping to have an enjoyable lunch. But unfortunately, that did not happened.

I told Guan Ren I wanted to try out this new restaurant as I read several positive reviews about Nutmeg on the net. I had high expectations only to be flown down the drain =( 

 There was a huge enthusiastic crowd lining up in front of Nutmeg. The staff asked us to write down our contact number and he reassured us that the staff will contact us when our seat is available (around 20 minutes). We were fine with that, as it was a Saturday afternoon and every restaurant was crowded.
 The man called us after about 10 minutes. We came back to Nutmeg and we were seated at a corner. Then our nightmare begins.
Guan Ren and I decided to just share one breakfast platter.

Guan Ren: We'd like to have the Nutmeg Big Breakfast.
Waiter: How'd like your eggs to be done?
Guan Ren: What are the choices
Waiter: *looks impatient* Poached, Scrambelled poofhgdc momuletetet *inaudible*
Guan Ren: So which one do you prefer?
Me: Huh? Err (indecisive because I can't really hear what the waiter said)
Waiter looking impatient
Me: Ahh, whatever just get us the scrambled eggs   
Waiter: Okay. *Stares at me*
Me: That's all.
Waiter: Just ONE? *Roll eyes*
Guan Ren: Yes, just one. We're sharing.
Waiter: Drinks?
Guan Ren: No thanks (we plan to go yumcha at a proper coffee place after lunch)
Waiter: *Roll eyes again, snatched away the menu and stomp off*
Guan Ren & I: .......

Our orders arrive in a jiffy, despite the crowd
Nutmeg Big Breakfast RM28
2 Eggs cooked in any choice, Lamb Sausage, Roasted Cheery Tomatoes, Fried Mac n Cheese/Hashed Potatoes, Salmon/Salted Beef

Did I mention I ordered scrambled eggs? Since it was crowded we decided to just settle with sunny side up.

The waitress that delivered our food (a different lady) asked us if we ordered any drinks.

We said no.

Waitress  *rolled eyes again. *

So how did the food fared?

The lamb sausage was good as it was made out of real lamb meat. Liked the smoked salmon but that's all.

Our breakfast platter was served cold. Okay, not freezing cold. But it wasn't warm. At all.
Cherry tomatoes was meh, felt like it was not roasted long enough. The mushroom tasted normal. Fried eggs were well done, but over-seasoned with herbs and spices, making it too salty. The fried Mac n Cheese was something special for a breakfast platter, but Nutmeg obviously skimped on the cheese as it was scanty. The texture of the cheese was really rubbery, and it was cold inside. The worse has to be the brioche bread. The brioche bag stand out to bag the worse bread award. The bread was absolutely tasteless and mediocre. The texture of the bread was really  crumbly. The bread fell apart when I took a bite, as if i am eating a pathetic scone compressed into the shape of a bread. A brioche bread is supposed to be soft, fluffy and rich with butter aroma. The brioche bread at Nutmeg was utterly horrible.

Just as we put down our cultery, the waitress just came over and clear our dish, without even asking. As if she is indicating us to leave quickly. That was the last straw. We called for bill and leave that place.

Never again we shall visit this place. I didn't even bother taking any more photos there which explains the lack of description of the environment. Well, it was really crowded, and I don't feel cosy and welcomed. End of story.

Customer service should be on the priority list of a restaurant. Why else do they charge a 10% service charge? To receive this kind of horrible treatment? Even if the food is oh-so-great, I would never ever return to Nutmeg again. We were not even welcomed there. Our appetite was severely affected due to the treatment we received.

And look around. Most couples there who ordered two sets of breakfast, ended up leaving the restaurant with half of their plate intact. I've seen their waiter clearing up a table where the pasta was barely touched, and also a breakfast platter with a slice of brioche plate and the lamb sausage intact. Both Guan Ren and I are small eaters, so is it against the law to just order one dish and share? or not ordering any drinks at all? What about our consumer rights?

Perhaps the waitress weren't happy as we were hogging the space for their "bigger customer". Lucrative customer. But hey, the table next to us was vacant. The table adjacently opposite us was vacant. No one was lining up outside. We are still their paying customer.

When I started this blog, I didn't want to flame restaurants but sorry, this was beyond acceptable.

 Antipodean , which is just a stone throw away would be a much better choice for Aussie-style restaurant. Waiters are friendly there, opens the door for you, offer complementary sky juice after you place your order, do not chase you out passively despite having a larger crowd there. And hey, portion there is so much bigger and the price is much affordable.

UGF-28A Bangsar Village II,
2 Jalan Telawi 1, Bangsar Baru
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603 2201 3663
Business Hours: 9:30am – 10pm

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