Thursday, 31 October 2013

Spooky Night Halloween Party @ Galatic Laser, Mid Valley

Happy Halloween! :D

 How did everyone spent their Halloween? Well, I was really lucky this year! As I was invited to Galatic Laser's Spooky Night Halloween Party at Mid Valley last Saturday for an early celebration! :D
I was over the moon when I was told about this event. I have never play Laser Tag nor attend a Halloween Party before so I was sooooo excited!
Spooky Night Halloween those WHO DARES

Sunday, 27 October 2013

La Cocina Spanish Restaurant & Bar, Taipan Business Centre (Moved)

Moved to new address! Scroll below for updated address :)

La Cocina, a Spanish Restaurant which my family and I have been patronizing since long ago.
It was my mum's birthday. Mum wanted steak. Dad blur blur. Mum don't want to go La Cocina because there was a deal going on in Groupon and we didn't purchase it. Dad  blur blur booked La Cocina table for 4 so HERE WE ARE! LOL

We were greeted warmly by the staffs as we enter La Cocina. Soft Spanish music filled the room. Walls were painted yellow, red and yellow flag Spanish Flag and random paintings of Salsa dancers and bull fighting hanging around gives the restaurant a Spanish vibes. The tables are donned with a striking red and white polka dot table clothe, contrasting with their yellow wall. The restaurant has a very homey atmosphere. I felt as if I teleported to Spain, as I set my foot into this quaint restaurant.
There's a mini bar inside the restaurant. This is where the waiters would prepare any alcoholic (and also non-alcoholic!) beverage to the customers.

Their menu! La Cocina serves a wide range of authentic Spanish food, ranging from paella

to various tapas. Vegan tapas is also available =)

Our orders began to pour in after we ordered. Service was fast and efficient despite the crowd(which we suspect was due to the groupon promotion)
Iced Lemon Tea RM5.50
Sangria RM17
Sangria normally consists of wine, chopped fruit, a sweetener, and a small amount of added brandy (From Wiki). The Sangria served here is really fruity and pleasant. Please excuse my lack of description for the Sangria LOL I just turned 18 this year.
Soup of the Day- Cream of Pumpkin RM6.90
Cream of pumpkin featuring crunchy croutons and chopped spring onions
The soup was too salty and creamy, can't really taste the pumpkin :( During my previous visits, the pumpkin soup was superb.
Soon after that, our tapas arrived !! We ordered a tapas combo, priced at RM62 which consist of five different tapas.
If you observe properly, they used shallow porcelain dish to serve their tapas. Looks like a flower pot water retainer to me LOL. But nevertheless, the porcelain dish gave our dining experience a unique touch

Freshly toasted baguettes FOC
The slices of baguettes are free flow, you can get it for free as long as you order their tapas :)
The baguettes slices were lightly toasted, light and fluffy. Goes very well with all the sauce accompanying the tapas =)
Chicken Croquettes
Mashed potatoes mixed with chicken ham, seasoned with Marsala, deep fried in panko. Served with a side of tangy curry sauce.
The croquette was crispy outside, warm and fluffy inside. This version of croquette has an Indian touch to it. It tasted like dahl and the tangy curry sauce compliments it perfectly.
Sauteed Button Mushroom in Garlic Sauce
The mushroom was nice and tender, accompanied by the aromatic garlic sauce. Mhhmmmm perfect!
Prawns in tomato sauce
This one was OKAY. Prawns were a bit rubbery but the tangy tomato sauce compensated for it.
Deep Fried Soft Shell Crab
Crispy battered soft shell crab, dipped in the tangy mayonnaise, needless to say, was real good. It was fresh and not greasy at all. The interior was warm and really soft, a really memorable dish.
Lamb Meatballs
The meatball was really tender. I think I prefer this than IKEA's. The meatball don't have any smelly lamb smell. It went very well with the tomato herb sauce. Yumms

Now here comes the best part-----------------
Dipping the bread into the tapas :D
Ehe :D
Chef's Salad RM15.90
Lettuce, Tomato, Hard-Boiled Eggs, Garlic and Olive tossed in Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar.
I enjoyed their salad a lot because it is very different from the usual salad served in western restaurant. This salad is more on the sourish side, thanks to the olive and balsamaic vinegar. The sourish taste serve as a good respite from all the saucy tapas we had earlier. A healthier choice :D
Chicken Carbonara RM20.90
Ordering a spaghetti at a Spanish restaurant? To be honest, I had low expectation on this dish. Oh boyy was I wrong. This dish totally wow-ed the day light out of me. THIS DISH, is what you call an AUTHENTIC Carbonara. The two key ingredient for carbonara is actually eggs and cheese. Most restaurant would use canned carbonara sauce, or sauce made out of cream/milk. Glad to say that La Cocina's Carbonara sauce is 100% authentic carbnara sauce. Creamy, tangy, and flavourful. Pasta was done el-dente, generous chunks of chicken, wonderful carbonara sauce. This dish is for the win!
Paella Negres RM70 (2 pax)
Spanish rice cooked in black ink squid, topped with two large prawns, generous amount of shrimps, fish fillets, squids, mussels, clams and vegetables.
Fear not, this dish is not overcooked (LOL). This is La Cocina's signature dish, squid ink Paella ;) (no, not charcoal paella.)
Paella is a traditional Spanish rice dish. You can read it up at wiki here LOL lazy to explain.

Paella is not an easy dish to master. But La Cocina did it right. Perfectly right. The rice was well done. Texture was just nice. Generous & fresh seafood tossed in the rice. Really flavourful. perfect.

I'm not much of a rice person. But Paella is an exception. I can eat this every day, if my stomach allows.
All the hidden "treasure" as we go deeper into the wok. The rice gets crispier as it was slightly burnt from the side of the wok, but the . the rice also get more flavourful as we dig deeper, as all the flavour from the seafood sips into the rice. Mhhmmmm. MUST TRY!

*It is advisable to pre-order Paella Negres by calling them in advance as they only serve limited amount each day.

Sizzling Scallops and Prawns RM49.50
Large Scallops, Large Prawns, Roasted potatoes and various vegetables on a sizzling plate, with an aromatic garlic sauce poured over it. 
Look at the GINORMOUS SCALLOP AND PRAWN! One bite, and I'm hooked. So juicy and succulent! Flavours just come bursting out with one bite! The roasted potatoes had a slightly charred side to give it a pleasant crisp. Sadly, the portion was kinda small, for a dish costing almost RM50 T_T

After we finished our meal, the soft Spanish music suddenly changed to an upbeat, jazzy birthday song and tadaaaaa!
Brownie and Ice-cream on the house for the birthday girl!
The brownie was heated up serve on a pool of creme caramel and topped with a dollop of vanilla ice-cream. According to my mum and my brother, it was really good. OKAY lah I didn't try it T_T #diet
Happy birthday girl


La Cocina Spanish Bar & Restaurant
1, Jalan USJ 10/1e, Taipan Business Centre, 47620 Subang Jaya, Selangor (New address)

Business Hours:
11am-3 pm
6pm -12 am

Wine bar
Monday-Thursday: 5pm-1am
Friday-Saturday: 5pm-2am

Contact Number : 0380232395 / 012-2096573
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