Friday, 6 September 2013

Tony Roma's Time Out Promotion, Mid Valley Megamall

WE skipped lunch for Tony Roma's Time Out Promotion!
Wei Chen and I decided to go Mid Valley to shop and Guan Ren kindly offered to fetch us there. Thank you so much!

Yep. RM9.90+ only (10% service tax) You can get a cup of soup OR a free flow of soft drink if you add on RM3.90.
We thought that the portion will be smaller than the usual portion as the price is unreasonably low but we were shocked when they present us our food.
Spicy Chicken Pasta
Since Wei Chen is a vegetarian she gave me all her chicken. The chicken were good and have a aromatic grilled taste. According to Wei Chen the pasta was good 

 Mojo Chicken
Grilled Chicken topped with pineapples and pepper served on top of a bed of butter rice and a side of buttered brocolli
The chicken was a little dry. I'm assuming that we were supposed to eat it with their steak sauce provided. But the buttered rice was simply amazing. I really loved the aromatic fragrance of the rice. Each mouthful was packed with a punch and divine flavour. The buttered broccoli, seasoned with herbs and spice, was also really good.
 Fish & Fries
This was Guan Ren's order. The portion was really HUGE. Just look at the bed of fries under the fish. Even the plate used to serve this dish was bigger than the dish used to serve ours. We got the chance to help him sapu his fries. The fries were quite good. I really liked their tangy and sweet tar tar sauce which goes very well with the fries
I don't mind skipping lunch just to have their time out deal again. For the price with pay and the quality of the food + environment we got, it was definitely worth every single penny.

Tony Roma's
The Gardens
Lot LG 217
Mid Valley City
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-22828243

And our POTD..
Well, we found that door pretty cool so we decided to camwhore :) 
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