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my Burger Lab, Sea Park

my Burger Lab
The hottest burger bar around Klang Valley with prominently long queues at its doorsteps (extending till its neighbours doorsteps too!) every night!

Ever since my first visit in October last year, I'd been returning to burger lab at least once every month
Even my dad (who isn't really a big fans of burgers and western food) would sometimes take away some burgers from burger lab for supper time to time =D

It is recommended that you arrive as early as possible, preferably at 5pm or earlier especially on Fridays and weekends as the queues
When we arrived at burger lab it was already 6.20pm and the line was....well, to be honest, we didn't even lined up. Our friend, Hoe Nam, arrived 40 minutes earlier than us so he lined up for us before we arrived.
Their Menu!
Good news for all the vegans out there! All burgers can be made vegan by substituting the meat patties into tofu patties!
Burger Lab's Menu changes from time to time. Some burger will go through an "update" (which explains the v2.0 etc.) and the geeks behind burger lab will experiment and make and breakthrough in the burger industry by coming out with new burgers =D
 Periodic Table of Burger

We got our order
I have to say, their service and efficiency improved A LOT since my first visit last year. We had to line up for half an hour, wait another half an hour for a seat and an additional half an hour for our burgers to be served at then. Thumbs up to the Bugerlab team for their big leap in improvements! Patrons are required to line up first, then only they are allowed to find a seat so it was pretty systematic =D
 Beautiful Mess 5.0 : Fried Portobello Mushroom, Sunny Side Up & Sharp Cheddar RM18
This is my all time favourite burger in burgerlab. It's quite impossible to finish this beauty beautifully. The moment you embrace the burger, the egg yolk, their special sauce and molten-hot cheese will drip out of the burger, giving you additional flavour and moisture as you devour each bite . Beautiful mess indeed. Each bite oozes the sweet and juicy mushroom juice mmhhhhmmmmmm.

Burgerlab's charcoal buns are freshly baked daily. Soft and fluffy, it goes really very well with the burger, absorbing the sauce and juice oozing out, giving you a punch as you devour your burger.
Each burgerlab burger is served with iceberg lettuce which gives the burger a fresh crisp, and tangy sweet cherry tomato that is roasted to perfection in the oven. 
 Swisstake (Tofu patty) RM13.00
The original price of Swisstake is actually RM14.50, but you'll get a RM1.50 discount when you change your beef/chicken patty for a tofu patty. This is our little vegan girl, Wei Chen's order. According to her, the Tofu taste didn't overpower the whole burger. The melted cheese that oozed all over the tofu patty balanced out the tofu taste, and giving each mouth full an  enhanced juicyness.
 My order- Kaiju Burger: Teriyaki Sauce, Spring Onions, Smoked Salmon, Ebiko RM18 have you ever seen such a beautiful little thing? The patty was grilled to 101% perfection, with a tinge of pinkish meat, retaining the juicyness of the meat.
Now the overall taste of this burger combination :
On first bite I find it pretty weird, with the sweet taste of teriyaki sauce fusing with the salty smoked salmon.
But as I move on to my second and third bite the flavour slowly infuse with my taste bud and I began to love it.
The sweet teriyaki sauce retains and enhances the moisture and juicyness of the patty.
 Birthday Special- A+ Chicken: Cheddar, Caramelized Onion, Shitake & Enoki Mushroom
This is the birthday boy, Kong Hui's, order.
He said he prefer the chicken patty as it is really tender and soft. I'd never tried Burgerlab's chicken burger before, partially because I'm a beef person and burgerlab's Australian Grass Fed beef patties are their specialty.
Happy Birthday Kong Hui!

Group Picture of the night!

Oh and I forgotten to mention about their FRIES.
Burgerlab's serves the BEST FRIES ON EARTH. Lightly seasoned with herbs and salt, crispy on the outside and tender in the inside. Good to be eaten on its own, or eat with its tangy & spicy dipping sauce
. Picture not available (because I was too excited to even take a photo of the lovely fries).
You can either order one basket of fries at RM9, or make your order a set by adding RM6. A set includes a bottomless soft drink and a small side of fries 
 Burgerlab is having a promo now. Carpool to Burgerlab (5pax>) and take a selfie of everyone in the car, and you'll be entitled to a 15% discount!


my BurgerLab
No.14, Jalan 21/22, Seapark,
46300, PJ Selangor, MY.

Business Hours:
Mon-Fri: 5:00pm till 10:15pm (last call)
Sat-Sun: 11:00am till 10:15pm (last call)

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