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Menya Musashi, Jalan P Ramlee, Kuala Lumpur

A famous Ramen Store which hail all the way from Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Yamada Takeshi, the founder of Musashi Ramen, is one of the three Ramen Icon in Japan apart from Kawahara Shigemi (Ippudo) and Furuya Ichiro (Nanttsutei)
Located along Jalan P Ramlee and just a 1/2 minute stroll from KLCC
Menya Musashi has been my all-time favourite Ramen Store in Malaysia. I was not a Ramen lover but Ramen has been my favourite Japanese food ever since I tried Musashi's last year in ISETAN KLCC.
Musashi Ramen is the only Japanese Restaurant outside of Japan that is ON PAR with the restaurant I had dine in when I traveled to Japan This is how good the quality control of Musashi Ramen
A few days ago I saw an advertisement on The Star Newspaper regarding a 50% DISCOUNT ON ALL RAMEN if you dine in at Musashi Ramen (P Ramlee Branch) on the 13th and 14th of September!

I told my mum about it and she immediately rejected my idea (driving to KL is a no-no for her) so I decided to approach my dad. My dad was really reluctant to go as it was a Saturday afternoon and KL is infamous for its notorious jam on Saturdays.

But after some persuading my dad let in eventually and we brave through the horrendous traffic to KL just for some Ramen. HALF-PRICED RAMEN.

Thanks Dad =)

There's four type of broth available, Original Tonkotsu, Fish + Pork, Spicy and Miso broth

For Tsuke Men (Dried Noodle), you can choose any size you want WITHOUT EXTRA ANY COST :D
However, for the soup-based Ramen, you have to top up RM3 for extra noodles
Rice Bowl, Apertizers and desserts all at RM5!
I was really shocked when I went through the menu. They are so many new selections of food available, compared to last year!

You can opt for a lunch set by topping up RM9. Each lunch set comes with 3 pieces of gyoza and a rice bowl of your choice. We wanted to order it but unfortunately, it was 2.05pm! =( Lunch set is available daily from 11am-2pm only.  So we decided to go for the RM1 salad
Fun Fact- The name of this shop is actually derived from the famous samurai from Japan, Miyamoto Musashi. Miyamoto Musashi san was the author of The Book of 5 Rings Gorin no Syo, a book about Genjitsu and Martial Arts which lead to the birth of the 5 ramen principles: CHI – basic, SUI – idea, HI – reason, KAZE – analysis

Salad - RM1
RM1? I initially thought that there were some typo on the menu. 
Consists of Fresh Lettuce, Hard Boiled Eggs and drizzled with some vinegar and Wafu dressing
I really love Japanese Salad as they tend to be more refreshing and not fats laden. Their dressings are usually light , sweet and a lot more healthier =)
Original Tonkotsu Ajitama Chashu Men RM25 (after discount RM12.50!)
4 pieces of Roasted Pork, 1 Ajitama, Spring Onions and Black Fungus
This is my dad's order. I was shocked as he ordered the biggest portion from the menu.
He loved it so much he even topped up extra noodles lol! 
Fish + Pork Broth Kanzan Ramen RM21 (after discount RM10.50)
2 pieces of Roasted Pork, 1 Ajitama, Spring Onions and Black Fungus
The broth was really thick, rich and flavourful. Each sip of the soup was really memorable and it brings back my memories in Japan. The broth was cooked in chicken and pork for more than 12 hours, thus the distinctive and aromatic flavour lingers in your oral cavity
Compared to the Original Tonkotsu broth, the pork-y taste of this broth is less subtle. I personally prefer the tonkotsu broth but both are really great nevertheless.
Noodles was smooth & chewy, with "Q" texture which gives you a slurping sensation. It was cooked el dente , and insanely springy !
The pieces of Char Siu was large! And best of all, the proportion of lean meat and fats were just nice. I regretted not ordering more chashu =(
The Aji Tama was very flavourful and well-marinated.
The yolk was so soft, it gives you a melt-in-the-mouth sensation. 
The end product
I love the broth so much I  finished the last drop of soup!

Patrons enjoying their Ramen
The young, enthusiastic chefs at the open kitchen would let out shouts, feeling the restaurant with energy and gives the restaurant a very Japanese feel as they practice the same culture in Japan =)

If you have not tried Musashi Ramen before, GO AND TRY IT NOW! YOU WON'T REGRET IT =D And there is an on-going deal on living social for Musashi Ramen. RM20 for RM40 cash voucher! Imsogoingtoaskmyparentstogetit

Menya Musashi
No.18-1, Jalan P.Ramlee, 50250 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Operation Hours: 11am to 11pm daily.
Phone : 03-2181 6199

 Thanks Dad! =)

 AND I shall end this post with a  tourist shot of KLCC by my dad =D
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