Friday, 20 September 2013

(CLOSED) Epiphany Coffee & Tobacco, Oasis Square Ara Damansara [Oasis ADVENTRAAA part 2]

The crowd didn't seem to ebb in Bad Boy Cooks. In fact, customers kept coming in and the place was buzzing with happy chitter-chatter. So Guan Ren and I decided to find another spot to chill and do some revision

When we were driving around dissecting Oasis Square, we saw a "BUY 1 FREE 1 LATTE" signage. It was Malaysia Day, a public holiday so we couldn't believe it and thought our eyes were playing tricks on us so we decided to check it out.

And sure enough, NO! Our eyes are perfectly fine ! =D

it was a really simple and lovely café. It was decorated with a lot of recycled items including their menu which was made up of cardboard.
Their menu features a wide range of coffee, from the usual cuppa, americano, to their special latte drinks. All of their drinks are DOUBLE SHOT , to my joy, without any extra charge weee!

Oh and Plain Water is FOC =D

Their cupcakes on display for sale! Looks pretty decent but we didn't try em out =(
The books for customer to browse and read! There were lots of intellectual books around(Murakami, how to write better etc.) and I suppose that it'd take me a few more visit to actually finish a book lol!

The painting on the right really resembles Okawari album..

I really loved how creative this café designed and decorated their café. Here's a fine example
Pick your answer and drop in a penny =p what an interesting strategy haha

For our marshallow latte, we were given a few flavours to choose from, namely: Cookies & Cream, Chocolate Chips, Heavenly Durian and Orange
Guan Ren and I opted for the chocolate chips but I think there was a blunder as we were served with cookies & cream. But we didn't really mind as the service there was really good =)
Our Marshmallow Latté RM11 (Buy 1 Free 1)

The first thing that crossed my mind at first when I thought of "Marshmallow Latté" was something goo-ey and sweet. To my surprise, on my first sip, I was stunned. It was no where near goo-ey and mucky like a Marshmallow. It was not even sweet!

It was...heavenly. Like how a good cup of latte should be. All coffee served at Epiphany is double shot!(my fav!)  The body was very smooth, and the aromatic coffee smell was strong and fragrant , just the way I like it. Even Guan Ren , who cup of tea is not double shot enjoyed it a lot and gave his stamp of approval.

And here comes the best part

Dipping the marshmallow into the coffee.

The sweet marshmallow balances out the bitterness of the coffee. The little marshmallow instantly melts when soaked into the hot , smooth latte, creating a creamier texture which really lingers in your mouth, asking for more.

The Marshmallow latte is really something unique which I hope to have again! You can even purchase their marshmallow to munch at home! =)

A really great café for chilling and hanging out. The staffs were really friendly and helpful too!

Epiphany Cofee & Tobacco
D-G-06, Block D, Oasis Square,
Ara Damansara 2, Jalan PJU 1A/7A,
47301 Petaling Jaya.
03-7859 9998

Operating hours:
Mon – Sun: 10:00 am – 11:30 pm
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