Monday, 16 September 2013

Coffee Ritual by Jin Yi, Damansara Uptown

On the way back from Musashi Ramen, my dad asked me: "Qi, do you know where did Coffee Ritual moved to?" I answered: "Yeah Damansara Uptown." Dad: "Okay"

Before I knew it, he make a U-turn into Damansara Uptown area and told me to guide the way there! =DDDDD!!!
Coffee Ritual was one of the pioneers in the coffee industry in PJ. They opened their first shop in Section 14, PJ, and relocated to Damansara Uptown. This is the first time I am revisiting this place after they relocated so I was really really excited

We were greeted with a strong whiff of burger aroma once we set our foot in this little cafe. A lady greeted us and handed us the menu
 Their drinks menu!
 Food Menu! They certainly have revamped their menu. The selection range of food has certainly become limited, I assume for quality control as it seems like the owner is running this place with the lady (I assume she is his wife). Coffee Ritual now specializes in serving homemade burger instead of crepes during their old days in Section 14. I really missed having their savoury crepes :'(

I really liked how their siphon coffee maker works! I was snapping pictures like a Jakun, intrigued by the little man made marvel =p
First off, they pour in some hot water into the flask below
Then the bottom part
After that, the heat is turned off and the coffee is allowed to cool and flow to the bottom of the flask for serving
The cafe is instantly filled with a strong whiff of aromatic coffee smell once the coffee is done =D
Dad's Order- Ethiopian Coffee RM9
Packed with a strong punch and aroma, this is a
Dad said he prefer if his coffee is more sourish and the lady recommended him Javanese Coffee which are more acidic in nature
My order- Costa Rica RM8

I was quite excited when my order arrived so that explains the coffee stain on the coffee cup LOL

The body of the coffee was smooth, and each sip leaves an aromatic punch lingering in your mouth. It is best served with a sweet cake to balance off the taste. The lady reconmended me a chocolate cake. I really wanted to try their cakes and my dad prompted me to but I was too full from Ramen at that time. Starting to regret noo.

The coffee here is really good and the owner is really friendly, and the environment is really nice and cosy =)
There's even a display room for coffee machines and coffee-making tools for sale =D

Jin Yi by Coffee Ritual
68-M, Jalan SS21/39,
Damansara Uptown
47400 Petaling Jaya
(beside KK Mart and above Seri Penang Restaurant)
Tel: 03-7725-3633
Operating hours:
Mon: Closed
Tue - Sun: 11:00 - 22:00
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