Thursday, 22 August 2013

[CLOSED] Big Chomp Burger, SS15

 Bubble Tea wave, Hallyu wave, and now, Burger Wave?

Burger stores have been mushrooming (Big Hug Burger, Burgertory, Crayon Burger etc. etc.) around.
And me, being a Food Hunter , is on a mission to track down the best burger in Subang Jaya.

My college mates tried it out and recommended me to give their chicken burger a go so I bought a RM30 voucher priced at RM14 from livingsocial

As you can see, Big Chomp's Burger are quite unique
Instead of the usual patties+ lettuce+ tomatoes, Big Chomp serves their burger with COLESLAW. Good news for coleslaw lovers =)

There are 3 types of set available in Big Chomp
1. RM4 (comes with Mineral Water + Fries
2. RM5 (comes with Bottomless Soda + Fries)
 2. RM6 (comes with Coffee + Fries)

I decided to go for Chomp C+ and GR opted for Flossy Chic + Cheese

Japanese Newspaper and rubic cube for customer to kill time while waiting for their burger

Our order came in a swift 15 minutes wait 
Chomp C+ ala carte (RM17)- Deep Fried Chicken, Chicken Bacon, Turkey Ham, Hasbrown and Cream Cheese

The tangy cream cheese sauce was the bomb. It goes well with the succulent fried chicken. The batter of the chicken was just nice, not too thick nor too thin to give that extra crunch. The charcoal bun was also light and fluffy.
I enjoyed this burger a lot
Could have been better if they incorporate a sweet dressing such as honey to balance out the flavors though.
Nevertheless, I really liked the burger
Flossy Chic Soda Set (RM18) add Cheese (RM1.50)- Grilled Chicken, Flossy Omelette, Caramelized Onion, BC Mayo
The chicken was perfectly grilled and succulent. I find the Flossy Omelette unique (omellete + chicken floss I suppose) and it blends into the burger well.
However, I find this burger a bit tad too dry =(
It gets quite bland when I get to the middle part of the burger. We requested for extra dipping sauce to slather on the burger
The fries were pretty average , nothing to rave about. But I enjoyed their dipping sauce.

Another plus point of Big Chomp Burger is the size of their burgers are relatively larger, compared to their nearby competitors
The cosy ambience. The ventilation was good despite the partial open-air kitchen. A nice place for hangouts or yumcha session. It gets quite crowded around lunchtime (1~2pm) though.
We only had to pay RM 6.50 after deducting from the RM30 voucher =)
If you are a student flash your student card and you are entitled a 10% discount
For the size of their burger they serve, I'd say that the price is OK.

Verdict: Will be back if their vouchers are on sale again!  Would like to try out their other unique burger combination

Big Chomp Burger

No.39, Jalan SS15/8A,Subang Jaya, 47500, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: 012-296 1269
Daily: 11am - 4pm, 6pm - 11pm

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