Tuesday, 20 July 2021

Good Reads/Podcasts/Video: June 2021

Yes, we're 2/3 through July. June has been a month where my priorities are all over the place. And the lockdown blues have definitely been affecting me. Unintentionally, I've deprioritised documenting my learnings - which really shouldn't be the case. Would still like to make time to properly reflect and document insights I've gotten from articles/podcasts/videos, and also once you stop doing something consistently, it is easy to give up completely.

1. 3 healthier ways to cope with criticism, disappointment and defeat - TED

"When a negative emotion strikes, it’s as if we hurriedly reach into the bucket and grab anything to make ourselves feel better. We don’t pay much attention to the kind of coping strategy we pull out and whether it involves self-deception or not. As long as it makes us feel better and it’s halfway plausible, it’ll do."

This article popped up on my social media timeline at the right time - it appeared when I can't help but feel rather defeated and disappointed and have been reaching into my "feel-good" bucket to help myself feel better.

The article suggests these three ways to cope with criticism/disappointment/defeat: 

1. Make a plan - Come out with some sort of next steps.

2. Notice silver lining - "A silver lining to any mistake is the lesson you’re going to extract from the experience, which you can use to help save you from similar mistakes in the future."

3. Focus on a different goal

2.  Your Insecurities Aren’t What You Think They Are - WorkLife With Adam Grant

We often think that the more experienced we get, the less insecure we become - that may not necessarily be true. If we achieved something in a breeze, it might just be because we didn't set a high enough bar for ourselves.

This podcast served as a good reminder to myself :) To the insecurities I often face. 

3. There are 5 kinds of clutter — which one is filling your life? - TED

The article shared that there are these five types of clutter: 

1. Physical - physical items like books, toys

2. Digital - inbox, large disorganised files

3. Mental - long long to-do lists, your fear, whatever that's in your head  

4. Emotional - negative patterns and beliefs (eg: I can't do this, I'm not good enough)

4. Spiritual - lack of forgiveness & peace

Like the author, I'd always pride myself as someone who is aware and intentional about the first two clutters. Little did I know I was inundated by mental and emotional clutter most of the time - my never-ending worries, thoughts etc often punctuate my dreams. 

Writing down my mental clutter and having lists helps :)

4. Three checklist templates to motivate you based on your mood energy level - The Financial Diet

1. Determine what mood you’re in (and be honest with yoursel
2. Base your set of tasks on step #1
3. Check things off throughout the day (leave room for misses and forgiveness)

The article provided a sample checklist for three different moods which might resonate with you- 

(1) For when you're feeling rather meh

(2) For when you're feeling just OK. where you feel that you can take on some tasks but nothing overly ambitious

(3) For when you feel like you're ready to take on the world!

5. The Importance Of Mourning Losses (Even When They Seem Small) - Life Kit NPR

I absolutely love this podcast! I realised that in the month of June, the uneasy feeling I've been feeling was grief - I was grieving about the change of my routine from FMCO. Grieving about leaving my job. Grieving about the absence of my old colleagues when starting a new job. I was going through different stages of grief without me realising it! 

The podcast suggests having a "ritual" to mourn your loss. Eg: buying myself my favourite food to celebrate the start of a new job. To write a letter to self when I leave my job. Etc etc.


That's it for the month of June. Here's to more learning, reflection and growth. Hoping that everyone is doing well :) 
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